Mr Kofi

Mr Kofi is a proud man at the age of 72. Having travelled all over the Western Region (including a stint in Cote D’Ivoire where he started a now-estranged family), he worked as a night watchman on the beach in Busua. Among his daily duties, Mr Kofi could be seen smoking, drinking, terrifying his pet dog, and relaying tall tales in exchange for petty cash. On our first encounter, I asked the apparently … Continue reading Mr Kofi

drinking games are nothing new

What We Already Know About NekNomination

Whilst the undertaking of a NekNomination has proved deadly, objectors to the latest media craze will not have to worry much longer as already videos of the game are appearing less and less often on networking threads. Not because young drinkers have suddenly been enlightened by the pointlessness of the thing, but because such is the ephemeral nature of the interest in internet-based competition. In … Continue reading What We Already Know About NekNomination


In this, my last post of the series, I will simply leave you with a story of passionate action that elicits the day to day excitement of rubbing shoulders with the labouring elite. One evening, as he was about to clock off, a fellow worker saw someone new arrive at the factory; someone whom had done wrong to him regarding one girlfriend or another. On deciding to punch the innocent newcomer in the head, our … Continue reading Balboa