“They say the city is like an aeroplane,” said Joao, gesturing with one camp, aloof hand. “One neighbourhood here, one there and this road is like the body.” I’m in Brasilia on day nine of my trip. It’s quite a change of pace from Rio, where I have just spent the last week at Carnaval getting drunk on caipirinha and, as a result, confronted by … Continue reading Brasiliense

Балкан Холидейз

After finding myself enchanted by the rustic setting and relaxed atmosphere of Bansko, Bulgaria, I thought I would study the historic rise of Balkan holidays in a bit more depth. Sitting comfortably beneath Romania, and nervously sharing a boarder with Turkey, Bulgaria is quickly becoming the new Costa del Sol in terms of its appeal to penny-pinching Brits abroad. In fact, it’s been widely lauded … Continue reading Балкан Холидейз

A Word on Food

Large helpings of deep-fried carbohydrates and vegetables on-the-turn, one food industry mogul said of Ghanaians: “They love quantity, not quality.” Soup you eat with your hands and dumplings that could break your skull, Ghanaian dining has its own charm unappreciated by most Western stomachs. One palatable country meal, however, is very popular amongst visitors to Ghana; red beans in an oily tomato sauce, served with the sweeter of the two … Continue reading A Word on Food

In Honour of Ryan Newton

The Dream, Korkrobite – 11:34pm I sit outside our once-shared hotel room only an hour ago, reclining on a sun-lounger in the black night. Flicking through your Facebook profile, I see the standard group photos and silly, hatted poses; none of it reveal the true uniqueness of this person to me. In a tree somewhere overhead, a bird makes an almost clinical beeping sound every three-quarters of a … Continue reading In Honour of Ryan Newton

Dirty Rats and Ex-Pats

As well as a stunning beauty spot, the village of Busua has a very fluid atmosphere that switches comfortably between totally relaxed and infectiously spirited. It’s because of this that an eclectic range of settlers from around the world are attracted to the shore. There are Rastas from Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso; traders who sell cheap art and jewellery on the beach, fuelling the tourist environment with … Continue reading Dirty Rats and Ex-Pats

Christmas In Jail

Tuesday 23rd December, Nkrumah Circle, Accra Today I visit the British High Commision in order to seek advice about my stolen bank card. During the early hours of Monday morning, in the midst of a night of drunken revelry with two other volunteers, I was brutally attacked by three strangers who had been walking through Osu with us. My first feeling was one of embarrassment; I did everything one shouldn’t do … Continue reading Christmas In Jail

Mr Kofi

Mr Kofi is a proud man at the age of 72. Having travelled all over the Western Region (including a stint in Cote D’Ivoire where he started a now-estranged family), he worked as a night watchman on the beach in Busua. Among his daily duties, Mr Kofi could be seen smoking, drinking, terrifying his pet dog, and relaying tall tales in exchange for petty cash. On our first encounter, I asked the apparently … Continue reading Mr Kofi