The Felix Project visit

After getting lost in the myriad of containers in the Concord Business Centre, I finally find myself amongst a flurry of high-vis vests and bright green vans being loaded with overflowing crates of fresh fruit and vegetables. It was here that I approached Anne Elkin, The Felix Project’s main coordinator. I guessed she was the best point of contactContinue reading “The Felix Project visit”

Legalise It

On the release of Jamie xx’s second album In Colour I realised something about his music. Having his name come up frequently recently in conversation, it’s clear to me he is a zeitgeist of today’s youth culture in Britain. And, as he admits in an interview with Pitchfork, his transient sounds are exactly where it’s atContinue reading “Legalise It”

What We Already Know About NekNomination

Whilst the undertaking of a NekNomination has proved deadly, objectors to the latest media craze will not have to worry much longer as already videos of the game are appearing less and less often on networking threads. Not because young drinkers have suddenly been enlightened by the pointlessness of the thing, but because such isContinue reading “What We Already Know About NekNomination”