In Honour of Ryan Newton

The Dream, Korkrobite – 11:34pm I sit outside our once-shared hotel room only an hour ago, reclining on a sun-lounger in the black night. Flicking through your Facebook profile, I see the standard group photos and silly, hatted poses; none of it reveal the true uniqueness of this person to me. In a tree somewhere overhead, a birdContinue reading “In Honour of Ryan Newton”

Dirty Rats and Ex-Pats

As well as a stunning beauty spot, the village of Busua has a very fluid atmosphere that switches comfortably between totally relaxed and infectiously spirited. It’s because of this that an eclectic range of settlers from around the world are attracted to the shore. There are Rastas from Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso; traders who sell cheap artContinue reading “Dirty Rats and Ex-Pats”

What We Already Know About NekNomination

Whilst the undertaking of a NekNomination has proved deadly, objectors to the latest media craze will not have to worry much longer as already videos of the game are appearing less and less often on networking threads. Not because young drinkers have suddenly been enlightened by the pointlessness of the thing, but because such isContinue reading “What We Already Know About NekNomination”